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Moshe Alpert has entertained various audiences with tales of his encounters with numerous wild animals native to Israel. He explains the complexity of a work in creation, and the many challenges that a wildlife photographer has to face.
Several topics exist for such meetings with the filmmaker.
One such film is "living with Wolves". In 1996, when Moshe was filming "Wolves of the Mine Fields", he adopted two wolf pups, which resulted in his becoming the alpha male to a pack of 15 wolves. A showing of one of the wolf films would be included.

Another option might be "How to create a Wildlife Film". This would include stories behind the filming process, filmed segments, as well as a full length wildlife film.

"The Storm and Sanity" would include personal stories of Moshe Alpert, with accompanying filmed segments, from the many years he served as a cameraman for CBS network. His experiences "The storm", include the war in Iraq, bloodshed in Somalia, the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, as well as, the wars and confrontations in Israel. "Sanity", is the subject matter that bared him solace and refuge from the woes of humanity; wildlife.

One might opt a visit with the wolves in Afikim, followed by a viewing of one of the wildlife films. This combination would need to be prearranged with Moshe personally.

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