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A Tale of A Wolf
A Tale of A Wolf
Director's statement for A Tale of A Wolf

A Tale of A Wolf is a true story about devotion, sacrifice and a big love. I've been living amongst wolves for many years; they have affected my life and constructed the way I look at the world. The "actors" in this film are wolves I've raised from birth, with a special permit from the "Nature and Parks Authority" in Israel.
I've tried to conserve their natural born ways and characteristics. From their early days, I've tried to be their mother and father so when they grow up I'll be able to maintain the intimacy and trust required to shoot my film closely.
We've spent long days together outdoors; in the Golan Heights and the creeks that flow into the Jordan River. Throughout those years, as well as the entire human history, I've witnessed the struggle between man and nature; a struggle that pushes the wolves in particular and wildlife in general – to the edge of distinction. Some of the animals shown in the film, in their natural habitat, were nearly extinct during the filming process, mainly due to the intrusion of mankind into their habitats.
The "heroic" story of man overcoming the forces of nature is a story we know by heart. I chose to tell the story from the wolves' point of view, the nature's side. I chose the wolf to tell his amazing life story within a world full of life, under the threatening shadow of man.
I hope that like me, the numerous viewers that will watch this film, will discover these wonderful animals that only want one single, tiny thing - to live. And we don't let them.

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