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Nature Films
A Sting In The Tail
Sunset in the beautiful Jordan Valley: after a barbecue a group of hikers settle down for the night. In the mornig, as soon as they begin to move, they are put to flight by a swarm of angrily ...
Struggle For The Night
Brutal and ruthless in their own small way, the Mouse Wars in Israel's southern deserts were completely unexpected. Pioneer framers changed the ecology in a way that no-one had foreseen...
The Crowded Desert
More than seventy per cent of the Holy Land is desert, but it is not deserted.
Cry of the Wolves
Life and death in the Jordan Valley – the wolves story...
Jordan – The River of Life
The best-known river in the world, if only by name, the Jordan tumbles from its source below the snows of Mount Hermon to the Dead Sea...
Along the Sea Road
The Mediterranean coast and the northern forests of the Holy Land have been known to travelers and traders for thousands of years, from Phoenicians and early Arabs to Greeks and Romans....
The new lords of Ramon
The Makhtesh Ramon is one of the geological wonders of the world. It lies in southern Israel, a vast crater-like hollow, four hundred meters deep, forty kilometers long and nine wide. Inside, it is like a world apart, with its own climate and highly specialized inhabitants.
The Untamed Swamp
Interfering with nature is a risky business. In 1953, a beautiful, timeless wetland in Israel was drained to provide fertile farmland, designed to be the country's breadbasket...

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